23 February
February 1998
18th February 1998

The Wizarding World is at last beginning to heal following the Battle of Hogwarts and death of The Dark Lady.
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Welcome to Hogwarts!

Please read the following information in full before filling in the registration form:

The registration form may take a little while to fill in completely, therefore we recommend that you create your characters name, history and personality as fully as possible before beginning. Please also keep a copy saved on your computer or in your email account as a precaution. No one likes having to re-write things because their internet cut out or their computer crashed while they were working. If you use Chrome, Firefox or Safari to browse the internet, the addon named Lazarus will also help you to recover lost form data.

We reserve the right to decline any application that fails to adhere to the guidelines, and also due to security reasons, any application that is sent from a free email account such as Hotmail, Gmail or Yahoo. We would prefer that you use a email account from your ISP (Internet Service Provider) or from an educational institution or workplace if available.

Currently, we are not accepting the following from new users:

  • Halfbreeds/Metamorphagi : Enchanted Hogwarts has a currency system based on RP posts, and creating a halfbreed or morphmagus character costs this currency, sparks. New users always start with 0 sparks, so they cannot purchase these abilities for their first character.

  • Purebloods or Pureblood Relations : By the time the Harry Potter series takes place, pureblood witches and wizards are becoming increasingly rare. There are only a handful of pureblood families left, and onsite they have been established. Once you become a member, you can plot with these families about being related to one, but for new users we do have to say no.

  • Hogwarts Students Born Outside of the United Kingdom : The student body of Hogwarts is chosen by a list that writes down the names of baby witches, wizards and wixens when they first show significant signs of magic. Transfers and acceptances outside of the United Kingdom simply do not happen.

  • Self Inserts : A self-insert is when a character is basically its writer with little to no difference. Every writer gives pieces of themselves to their characters, but when the character is you entirely, plotting can get very personal quickly, as confrontational plots between characters can be intepreted as a personal attack. We strive to make Enchanted Hogwarts a fun, safe place for creative writing, and therefore have to ask for no self-inserts.
  • Overly Tragic Backstories/Orphans : If every character was an orphan with five siblings to raise, EH would be a rather boring place. A touch of drama is fine, even one parent being deceased, but we do have to draw the line at backstories that are entirely doom and gloom. As well, we do reserve the right to ask that a manner of death is either changed or made vague as we keep our user's triggers and the site's rating in mind.
  • Characters from Other Books, Movies, Shows, Real Life, etc. : To be frank, we here at Enchanted Hogwarts do not want to get sued. Characters who are explicitly from another source material, a real person, or original but blatantly from another source material will be denied. An original character you created for something else refit for Harry Potter is fine, but if this character references things from another source material (demon hunting on the side, for example) or is blatantly a character from another source material, it will get denied.
  • Unusual/Unrealistic Features/Species Not Present in Harry Potter : While magic is present, witches and wizards in Harry Potter are still humans. That being said, they do not naturally have purple eyes, or bright blue hair. Older students (4th year and up) may dye their hair, but Hogwarts does still have a uniform as it is a boarding school. Characters whose eyes change color with their mood, have hair that glows or changes shade, or has horns and scars that change will either be removed and asked to change, or denied.
  • Magic Far Too Advanced for Their Age : Witches and wizards are not formally taught magic until age eleven, and it is scaffolded so that it increases in intensity every year. An eleven year old, even with Hermione level intelligence, would not be performing a 4th year level spell such as "accio" before starting school.

    Please also understand:

  • We are an alternate universe RPG : While we are set in the Harry Potter universe, we do diverge from its story. The current RP school year in 1997-1998, and the Battle of Hogwarts just occurred. The Dark Lady is dead and her Knights defeated. There is no Voldemort, Death Eaters, nor the Potter or Pettigrew families. References to this events may result in denial if they are too integrated into the profile.
  • You may not get your first choice house : We do take your preference into account as the sorting hat does, but we also look at the character's profile and they may be a better fit for another house and put there. If you reference a different house in the profile, it will be edited to reflect the new one.
  • Your Profile Must Be Complete: We do have to ask that the profile is complete. the history, appearance, personality, and RP sections have a 75 word minimum. Copy and pasting sections from one to meet the word count or repeating letters will result in denials.
  • Only Submit One Application : Your application will be reviewed by a staff member and either accepted or denied as promptly as possible. Submitting your application twice before it can get reviewed will mean denial regardless of the applications' content.

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