20 October
November 1997
3rd November 1997

The Wizarding World is at last beginning to heal following the Battle of Hogwarts and death of The Dark Lady.
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Welcome to Hogwarts!

Please read the following information in full before filling in the registration form:

The registration form may take a little while to fill in completely, therefore we recommend that you create your characters name, history and personality as fully as possible before beginning. Please also keep a copy saved on your computer or in your email account as a precaution. Noone likes having to re-write things because their internet cut out or their computer crashed while they were working. If you use Chrome, Firefox or Safari to browse the internet, the addon named Lazarus will also help you to recover lost form data.

We reserve the right to decline any application that fails to adhere to the guidelines, and also due to security reasons, any application that is sent from a free email account such as Hotmail, Gmail or Yahoo. We would prefer that you use a email account from your ISP (Internet Service Provider) or from an educational institution or workplace if available.

Please note that though EH is set in an alternate universe in which certain things have changed, we still wish to keep as close to the Canon 'rules' as possible. Much of the Wizarding World remain the same, as do genetics and rarities. For this reason, we are not currently accepting the following:

  • Halfbreeds : It is rare for a semi-human (half-veela, half-vampire, half-giant, werewolf etc.) being to attend a magical school. We have a special system for gaining special traits, halfbreed status included. This means that all characters need to start out as fully human, unless you are applying for an estabilshed character who has one of these traits in Canon.

  • Purebloods : To keep with canonical rareness of purebloodedness, we are not currently accepting any pureblood wizards or witches.

  • Green Eyes and Red Hair : To avoid an influx of this rare combination, we are currently not accepting anyone with Green eyes AND Red hair.

  • Rare or unheard of powers or abilities : This system also covers Animagi, Metamorphmagi, Parselmouths and so on. Other non-Canon abilities, such as control of the elements or shooting lazers from your eyes (even if you are Russell T. Davies), will not be allowed at any point.

  • Species or abilities not found in the books : That means no wood nymphs, sentient faeries, 'gods' or 'godesses', humans with animal ears, tails or wings, and so on.

  • Canon-like characters : Original characters who have details (name, history, talents etc.) too close to those of a Canon character. That means that you can't be an "original" parselmouth with black hair, green eyes and a scar on your forhead. We try to avoid overly large families and try to limit red hair for the same reason.

  • Sues : To a lot of people this will seem like an obvious rule, but please do not make your character "perfect". It's extremely irritating and spoils the writing for the other members. Anyone submitting a character who seems too perfect will be asked to adjust them. To check your character for Sue traits, visit the Nine Muses Harry Potter Litmus test.

  • Exchange Students : As JK Rowling has already confirmed that Hogwarts does not under usual circumstances accept exchange students, we will not be accepting any to the site.

  • Clashing Canons : EH is set in an alternate universe in which many of the Canon (book) characters do not exist. This is particularly true of Pureblooded characters. There is a full list of available and non-available Canons here. We are not going to be accepting any applications for characters on the non-available list for obvious reasons. Or their close relatives for that matter. In fact we would prefer that you stay away from close Canon relations entirely.

  • Magical items : On EH you will have the oppertunity to obtain certain magical items for your characters in exchange for on-site galleons and perhaps also as contest prizes. We would prefer that noone write special magical items into their character's histories if they are rare in the books. Firebolts, for example, are extremely expensive and it's almost unheard of for a student to own one. Our trading system as well as giving you something else to do on the site, helps to keep items such as these realistically uncommon. After all, where's the fun in having a Firebolt when everyone has one? You wouldn't be able to outfly anyone else at all!
    Certain other items will not be allowed at any point if they clash with Canon in any way.

  • Multiple Births : These are very rare, even in the Wizarding World. We have a set number of slots for multiple births, and right now each slot is filled. Until some of these slots begin to open up again, will not be accepting any more sets of twins, triplets etc.

  • Tragic Histories/Orphans: We are not currently accepting anyone orphaned or with too tragic a history.
  • Houses : You are not guaranteed the House of your choice. Though preference will always be taken into account, we sort mainly on personality. If you include a House in your history, and do not get into that House, your history will need to be edited to reflect your current House.

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