23 February
February 1998
18th February 1998

The Wizarding World is at last beginning to heal following the Battle of Hogwarts and death of The Dark Lady.
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:: Canon Characters ::

Since the battle, there's been some shakeups in the world of the canons here at Enchanted Hogwarts. Some have died, some are being retired with the end of the SWP, and some have been arrested, and unless you really like RPing from Azkaban, are unavailable.

Below are listed both the book/movie canons who are now unavailable, due to being played, retired, killed, ect. Canons that exist solely in video games are still prohibited, though the existing ones have still been grandfathered in. Very minor book canons, such as quidditch players, celebrities, store owners, professors and ghosts, ect. are to be brought up to staff if you're interested in them.

A note about site canons: though they are currently not listed below, they are being cut off. Due to the fact that the site wide plot is over, they no longer serve a purpose. If you play one, don't worry, they will keep their button as long as you have them, they've been grandfathered in like the video game canons. However, this cut off does apply to former site canons that are not currently played, should they be adopted in the future.

A * next to a character's name notes a definite POC.

Canons who are no longer available due to being killed in the BoH or before
Cho Chang - ghost
Eleanor Branstone - Hufflepuff student
Fenrir Greyback - werewolf
Gabriel Truman - Hufflepuff student
Zalya Proudfoot - auror

Canons who are no longer available due to being arrested post-BoH
Alecto Carrow
Amycus Carrow
Atonin Dolohov
Augustus Rookwood
Corban Yaxley
Evan Rosier
Evan Scabior

Canons who are being retired
Albus Dumbledore - professor
Bellatrix Black - graduate witch
Harry Potter - never existed
James Potter - never existed
Kingsley Shacklebolt - politician
Minerva McGonagall - professor and politician
Peter Pettigrew - never existed
Severus Snape - professor
Tom Riddle - professor

Taken Canons
Aidan Lynch
Astoria Greengrass
Barnabas Cuffe
Barty Crouch Jr.
Ben Savage
Cassius Warrington
Cedric Diggory
Draco Malfoy
Fergus Connolly
Ginny Weasley
Grant Chambers
Hannah Abbott
Hermia Lovegood
Hermione Granger
Katja Moran
Lily Evans
Luna Lovegood
Mafalda Prewett
Maisy Reynolds
Malcolm Baddock
Melinda Bobbin
Miriam Strout
Morag MacDougal
Remus Lupin
Rolf Scamander
Romilda Vane
Ron Weasley
Rose Zeller
Sirius Black
Susan Bones
Tamsin Appleby
Theodore Nott
Xenophilius Lovegood

Available Student Canons
_____ Kellah, muggleborn, Gryffindor 7th year *
Andrew Kirke, halfblood, Gryffindor 3rd-5th year
Colin Creevey, muggleborn, Gryffindor 6th year
Dean Thomas, halfblood, Gryffindor 7th year *
Dennis Creevey, muggleborn, Gryffindor 4th year
Eloise Midgen, muggleborn, Gryffindor 7th year
Fay Dunbar, halfblood, Gryffindor 7th year *
Geoffrey Hooper, halfblood, Gryffindor 5th year
Jack Sloper, halfblood, Gryffindor 4th year
Lavender Brown, halfblood, Gryffindor 7th year *
Neville Longbottom, pureblood, Gryffindor 7th year
Parvati Patil, halfblood, Gryffindor 7th year *
Ritchie Coote, halfblood, Gryffindor 5th year
Seamus Finnegan, halfblood, Gryffindor 7th year
Vicky Frobisher, halfblood, Gryffindor 4th year

_____ Bradley, muggleborn, Ravenclaw 4-6th year
Orla Quirke, halfblood, Ravenclaw 3rd year
Padma Patil, halfblood, Ravenclaw 7th year *
Stewart Ackerley, halfblood, Ravenclaw 3rd year
Sue Li, halfblood, Ravenclaw 7th year *
Terry Boot, halfblood, Ravenclaw 7th year

Ernie Macmillan, pureblood, Hufflepuff 7th year
Justin Finch-Fletchley, muggleborn, Hufflepuff 7th year
Kevin Whitby, halfblood, Hufflepuff 3rd year
Laura Madley, halfblood, Hufflepuff 3rd year
Leanne _____, halfblood, Hufflepuff 7th year
Owen Cauldwell, halfblood, Hufflepuff 3rd year *

Blaise Zabini, pureblood/halfblood, Slytherin 7th year *
Daphne Greengrass, pureblood, Slytherin 7th year
Flora Carrow, halfblood, Slytherin 4th-6th year
Gregory Goyle, pureblood, Slytherin 7th year
Hestia Carrow, halfblood, Slytherin 4th-6th year
Millicent Bulstrode, halfblood, Slytherin 7th year
Pansy Parkinson, halfblood, Slytherin 7th year
Tracey Davis, halfblood, Slytherin 7th year *
Vincent Crabbe, pureblood, Slytherin 7th year

Adult Available Canons

Arthur Weasley, pureblood, Gryffindor graduate
Bill Weasley, pureblood, Gryffindor graduate
Charlie Weasley, pureblood, Gryffindor graduate
Fleur Delacour, halfbreed, Carvelle graduate (Beauxbatons)
Fred Weasley, pureblood, Gryffindor graduate
George Weasley, pureblood, Gryffindor graduate
Lee Jordan, halfblood, Gryffindor graduate
Molly Weasley, pureblood, Gryffindor graduate
Nymphadora Tonks, halfblood, Hufflepuff graduate
Percy Weasley, pureblood, Gryffindor graduate
Viktor Krum, halfblood, Molkov graduate (Durmstrang)

Edited by Ginny Weasley
If unsure of a character's Canon House placement, please owl a staff member for assistance.